There are many instances that could lead to losing all of the digital files stores on your hard drive, such as a power surge, work accident, hard drive failure, lightning strike, or any one of another number of things. Such losses can be absolutely catastrophic for a business, particularly if yours relies heavily on said digital files and content. Securing your digital assets and data offsite and/or offline, in the event of a disaster, is a crucial part of any recovery plan.

Fortunately, SMV is equipped to help you store your digital files, assets, and data offsite, and also offline. They are standing by to help you with all of your media vaulting and store needs, offering both physical storage and digital storage.

Physical Storage

SMV provides physical storage to your data or media files in a secure and climate controlled facility. Access to physical storage areas is carefully controlled, in order to allow access only to management and trained personnel. In addition, all of their media vaults and storage are closely monitored for temperature and humidity control, so you can rest assured that your media will stay safe in an extremely controlled environment. In addition, there are fire protection systems in place, for your protection and peace of mind. Of course, you have access to your data or files at any time – it just takes a phone call to the friendly team at SMV.

Digital Storage

For clients who would prefer a shorter recovery time to retrieve their data, or for those with only a limited amount of data or files to store, exclusive online cloud data backup, or even pairing online cloud backup with physical media vault storage, is often the best choice. There are also additional benefits to digital storage, such as increased ease in searching for specific files, and the reliability that the digital age isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Durability also plays a role, and digital storage provides increased durability for your media. Digital storage also allows easy, on demand access to your media, should you ever need immediate access.

About SMV

The real key to SMV’s success lies in the fact that they realize that the basic principles in this industry have not changed much since they began in 1982. Obviously, technology advances have changed the production and post production industries, but offsite tape or media vaulting in not exactly a technology driven industry. SMV understands that providing the best service in this particular industry involves providing their clients with high security facilities and security while in transit, as well as strong inventory tools and a large, experienced, and skilled support team.

SMV has been in business since 1982, and has been leading the way in post production technology ever since. In addition, SMV also offers the most secure media vaulting and storage, so you can completely trust them to protect and manage your critical media. To learn more about their vaulting facilities, or to schedule a tour, give them a call or connect online today!