Restoration, by its very definition, refers to the act or process or returning something to its original condition. Wouldn’t it be nice if every media project was meticulously cared for and archived? Unfortunately, this is often times not the case, which makes media restoration a necessary art.

SVM offers a full range of restoration services, carefully overseen by our attentive staff. Our restoration services can often uncover flaws or problems in your footage that you weren’t even aware of, but that could make a huge difference in the quality or broadcast of your project.

The overall process is fairly simple. First, the team at SVM will scan your footage to make note of any and all issues. From there, we assess the issues and decide which methods would work best for restoring your project, while keeping the original integrity and feel of the project. We will keep working until you feel your project is just as good, or even better, than it originally was.

Obsolete Formats

SVM can also help you convert and migrate video, images or film on obsolete formats, such as 35mm film, to current, digital formats. The benefits of digital formatting are numerous, and digital formats provide a higher quality, more durable product. Once the media has been converted, SVM can then encode the final product for easy delivery across all of the current platforms, including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc., which translates to easier distribution for your projects.

Image Enhancement

SVM also offers extensive image enhancement and image editing services. Image editing involves any form of altering or manipulating a photo, whether it is a digital image, traditional photochemical photographs, or even illustrations. SVM offers graphic software programs that are used to modify and alter photos and images. This software can be grouped into vector graphics editors, 3D modelers, and raster graphic editors. These software programs can even be used to completely custom create images and computer art, such as renderings, from scratch. This application has been seen to be particularly successful in the real estate and construction industries.

Raster images are stored on a computer in the form of pixels, which is basically a grid of picture elements. These pixels contain information about the particular image’s color and brightness, and can be manipulated to change the picture in many ways. Bitmap editors are typically used to alter photographs or raster images.

Conversely, vector images are stores as descriptions of lines and text, instead of pixels. Vector images can be manipulated and altered more easily than a raster image, since they actually contain information and descriptions of the shapes for rearrangement. They are also scalable, making them a preferred file format for many graphics departments and illustrators.

About SVM

SVM has been around since 1982, and is still leading the way in blazing the trail to the forefront of technology. With their state of the art facilities, strong attention to detail, and skilled staff, SVM is the obvious choice for all of your production and post production needs. To schedule a tour or to ask any questions, feel free to call or connect with them today!