Post production is a vital component of the recording, film making and audio/video production process. Post production encompasses a wide range of processes, including (but not limited to) video editing, recording/rerecording and editing the audio tracks, adding special effects, and incorporating sound effects.

Typically, post production lasts longer than the actual shooting or recording, and requires a skilled eye and great attention to detail. SMV offers the best in class artists and editors, leading the way in technology to provide you with first rate digital color editing, stunning visual effects, the highest level of sound quality and design, as well as conversion from 2D to 3D and localization and dubbing services.

Edit Suites

An edit suite is where the “magic” of post production happens. To build a professional edit suite, you will need much more than just a computer and a box of software.  There are several components that go into a professional edit suite, including storage, monitors, scopes, audio and mixing equipment and software, black burst generator, patch bays, and routing switchers.

Color Correction

Color correction is another critical part of the post production process, and may also be referred to as color grading, color balancing, or color mapping, depending on the medium being edited. Color grading is the process of enhancing or changing the color of motion picture or a video image. Color mapping is the process of transforming the color of one image to the color of another target image. Color mapping is done for a variety of reasons, including calibrating the colors of two cameras for additional processing, and also adjusting the colors of multiple images for visual compatibility.


You can trust SMV to conform your deliverables format. The process of post production conforming is rather simple – it simply means to replace your offline materials with your online materials, or to “conform” to your deliverable format. For example, you may choose to edit in SD, or standard definition, offline to conform to HD, or high definition, online.


Almost every production project needs some form of a graphic look or design, such as a company’s logo, a phone number, or web address. Having a consistent and easily identifiable graphic look can have a tremendous impact to the final video project. Our top of the line graphics department ensures that your brand will have a lasting impact with your audience.


Mastering is the last step in the post production process. The kind of master you will need depends largely on the purpose of its use, whether it is for mass broadcast or to archive. Regardless of what you need it for, SMV can deliver the master file to meet your needs.


Audio is a generalized blanket term that refers to the audible content in media production. There are several components that go into the audio function of post production, including mixing, voiceover, and conform. As with all other aspects of production, audio production requires great attention to detail.

Recording, mastering and manipulating sound to deliver its ultimate potential is arguably one of the most difficult and crucial parts of post-production. At SMV, their industry leading team has perfected the art of the highest quality sound and audio mastering in the most technologically advanced studios.


Audio mixing is a process in which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one, or more, channels. In the mixing process, the level, frequency, and dynamics of the source signals are manipulated, and special effects, such as reverb, may also be added.  Audio mixing is done in a studio, and requires a skilled producer and editor. There are several key mistakes to avoid when mixing, including too much bottom or treble – or, similarly, a lack of dynamic range. Phase problems, lack of panning, misaligned tracks and poor vocals are other common mistakes made by inexperienced mixers.

Conform and Laybacks

Audio conforming, which is also referred to as synchronization, is simply the process of placing the audio in matching time with the accompanying video, so that the sound coordinates correctly with the images. Conforming requires great attention to detail, and can make all the difference in the final product, as the average viewer begins to notice conforming or synchronization issues when the audio and images are just two or more frames apart. Conforming can be done in real time, or it can be done in the studio as part of post production.

Once the audio has been conformed, it is ready for layback, which is the recording of a final, conformed audio track to a master video. This process essentially combines and marries the final audio to the final picture.


In filmmaking, Foley is the reproduction and addition of everyday sounds effects to film, video, commercials, or other forms of media. This is typically done in post production, to ensure and enhance the overall audio quality. These reproduced sounds can be anything from the sound of a door closing to footsteps walking down a hall. Foley artists are crucial to a project, as they lend reality to the images; without Foley, most scenes feel quiet and hollow. A good Foley artist’s work will typically go completely unnoticed by viewers.

Voice Over

Voice over is a production technique in which a voice (one that is not part of the story’s narrative), is used in a variety of presentations, including radio, television, film, or other productions. It is pre-recorded and then later placed over the video. Voiceovers are commonly used in news features to further explain information.


In audio production, sweeting is a term used to describe the process of “juicing up” the audio portion of a film or other media project. Sweetening can be used to lend visual credibility to audio tracks, and possibly had its origin in old-time radio, where the audio had to lend visual credibility and tell a story simply through sound.

About SMV

Since 1982, SMV has been setting the standard by which all post production is measured, and continues to lead the way to the forefront of technology. SMV’s facilities have been engineered and designed to achieve and deliver the cleaning and highest quality signals possible. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff has the skills and experience necessary to handle all of your post production needs with unparalleled service. In over 20 years, they have yet to miss a deadline! Give them a call or connect today to get your project started!