For many decades, Los Angeles has been regarded as the “Entertainment Capital” of the world and is known for having one of the highest concentrations of creative individuals in the country. Filled with the most dynamic and resource-rich professionals, the entertainment industry continues to grow as a significant contributor to the local economy along with creativity, one of California’s greatest economic assets.

There is no doubt that Los Angeles will continue to remain a top region for major-studio film production and provide an employment base of over 160,000 people. With all five major broadcast networks having a presence in the area, Los Angeles is the mecca for those seeking to grow, build and strengthen their entertainment portfolio with the integration of local talent, technology, radio, digital fabrication and some of the top post production services in the industry.

According to LAEDC’s FY 2013-2014 annual report, the success of an “industry cluster focus” brought initiatives that targeted key and emerging industries. This helped to support and create jobs for economic engines in Los Angeles such as aerospace and entertainment. For top post production services, this is great! This means market values for products and services in the entertainment industry are being driven by their uniqueness, functionality and performance. Businesses build their business models around the ability to attract a creative workforce and offering high quality lifestyles for those individuals.

Post Production Services in Los Angeles

Why The Top Post Production Houses Bring Their “A Game” in Los Angeles

The weather. It’s hard to have a bad day when Los Angeles provides over 300 days of bright sunshine and sandy beaches driving the most talented individuals to the area. Though the area is quite laid back, it offers huge opportunities for start ups due to the wide availability of resources and surrounding sectors for innovation.

The Dreamers

Los Angeles has become the place for people that dream big and make those impossible dreams come true. There’s no such thing as a bad idea in Los Angeles and those that move here understand that anything goes! This leaves so many opportunities and untapped talent waiting to be discovered.

The Best

With a huge abundance of competition available in Los Angeles, it is clear that only those businesses that are truly the leaders in their industry will survive. Whether you’re in top post production services or another related field, the competition is stacked against you. You’ve got to really know your stuff to survive and thrive in this community.

The Technology

Technology resources are widely available to creatives living and working in Los Angeles, thus bringing about better and more effective ways to create the best product for delivery. The tech is advanced, changing, and available. Imagine trying to tap these types of resources in other states like Mississippi or Indiana. It would not be possible. Industry experts believe that technological changes have transformed the way films and television are made. Whether it’s something as simple as the advances with e-mails, smartphones, or teleconferencing or changes in more complicated areas such as digital delivery and extensive digital animation, these technological changes along with globalization allow a more collaborative environment to take place.

Top Post Production Services at SMV

In post production services, it is not uncommon to bring together the best and most creative talents specializing in video editing, visual effects, animation and sound. Since often this process takes longer than the actual filming process, the importance of location and talent is more vital than ever. According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, motion picture production employment continues to grow, and since 2001, has grown faster than U.S. employment. In 2012, California had over 107,400 film and television production jobs, a figure over half of the jobs in the industry nationwide, and out of the 107,400, 94% are located in Los Angeles.  Since 2012, technology and the film industry have already changed, possibly two-fold.

It’s clear that if you are in or looking into film and television production, Los Angeles is the place to be. The sunny weather, extensive pool of talent and vast availability of resources is sure to transform any dream into your reality.

With the right connections to industry leaders of production such as our team of professionals at SMV, the best of the best survive and create new innovative ways to take top post production services to new levels. Connect with our team at SMV today to learn more about our unparalleled post production services. We look forward to hearing from you soon!